Sarah Lew

Project Lead

Sarah is a materials science engineering student with a specialization in biomaterials. She is in charge of overseeing team work and external affairs. She is interested in neuroscience and looks forward to the success of this project to progress research in neurodegenerative disorders.









Iridian Chino

Design Lead

Iridian is a biomedical engineering student with a specialization in micro and nano biomedical engineering. She is in charge of CAD modeling and the finite element analysis of the device. She also aids in the fabrication of the device. Her research experience in microfluidic device design has helped her develop a strong skill set in design and CAD software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD.







Kenny Huynh

Presentation Lead

Kenny is a materials science engineering student with interests in alternative energy research. He is responsible for poster and logo design as well as the fabrication of the device. He has presented research talks and posters at several conferences, which provides him with a plethora of experience as the Presentation Lead.







Alejandra Lopez

Engineering Lead

Alejandra is a materials science engineering student with a biomedical engineering minor. She is in charge of contacting universities to find ways to optimize our device and make it more suitable for research. She has industrial experience from working as a laboratory technician and research experience from individual study.








Mathew Loren

Programming Lead

Mathew is a biomedical engineering student specializing in micro/nanotechnology. Extensive experience from multiple internships and research positions has provided him with a capable skill set for programming and design. He has coded with several languages on a variety of projects relating to computer design, biophotonics, electrophysiology, and optogenetics.







Seohyun Shim

Graduate Student

Seohyun is a master student in biomedical engineering department in Dr. William Tang’s lab, and her research focus is on optogenetic platform. She helped the team with theoretical basis and technical support. She is interested in using the device in her master project to study the network activity of hippocampal neurons.







Samuel Lassers

Undergraduate Student

Sam is a first year biomedical engineering student. He is responsible for learning MEA (microelectrode array) software that will aid in the detection of in vitro neuronal activity. He has interned at Cedars Sinai Medical Center under an endocrinologist, helping to research the course of cure of acromegaly one year after surgical resection.